01 Jan

As an organization that is focused on veterans and their families it is important that we follow in the footsteps of the national organization. February has historically been designated as Black history month and as such we should all celebrate the many accomplishments made by African American men and women veterans and active-duty personnel. Today the American Legion celebrates this through their ongoing efforts at teaching us all about the accomplishments of our fellow African American veterans and active-duty personnel. Vincent J. “Jim” Troiola, National Commander, has written a wonderful article and provided us with many resources to focus our attention on learning about the role that so many African American men and women have made in service to our country (see: https://www.legion.org/commander/258060/black-history-month-time-honor-and-share%C2%A0 ). I hope that you will avail yourself of this information and learn about this important history and seek to encourage our local African American veterans to become members of our post. 

On February 3, 1943, four Army chaplains aboard the SS Dorchester on their way to the battle fields of Europe gave up their life jackets and lives to help others live. They along with 674 other soldiers and Navy personnel lost their lives on that day and it is that sacrifice that leads us to have as part of the American Legion our chaplaincy program. For God and Country means that we sacrifice our lives for the benefit of others. We put others before ourselves. So we are asked in the effort to Be the One that reaches out to a veteran and encourages him or her to become a part of our organization and engage them in our Post activities It is we who make the difference in the lives of so many veterans because we are reaching out and welcoming our veteran brothers and sisters and their families. I am asking that in the next month that each of us invite one new veteran to join our national organization and Post 95. In doing so, our numbers will grow and we will be better able to serve our fellow veterans and their families.

It is an honor to be of service to the American Legion, Post 95 and to you. If I can assist in any way do not hesitate to contact me at 832-381-7788 or at Redwine202010@outlook.com Together in service, we can in unity serve those who need assistance.

May the Blessing of God Be with you All

Chaplain Richard Henriksen Jr 

Sam Houston Post 95 Chaplain

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