09 May

May the Blessings of Heaven be with you all as we make our way through 2023. We have all been blessed with the goodness that comes from God and we have shown those blessings through our service. On June 10th, 2023, beginning at 6:00 pm we will be celebrating the 2023 Sam Houston Post 95 Volunteer of the Year Awards. We are looking forward to an exciting time and pray that many of you will join us for fun. The event will begin with dinner at 6:00pm and to attend you must sign up. There is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board in the Post Club. Be sure to get signed up by May 20th

I am excited and proud to let you know that I have been selected by District 7 Commander Story to be appointed as the 2023-2024 District 7 Chaplain. This is truly an honor to me and recognition of the service that we together have provided to our Post and the community. I pray for your continued support as I serve both our Post and our District. 

“Service Before Self” are key words to all who are members of the American Legion and all of its affiliate groups. Together we work to improve the lives of veterans, their families, and the communities in which we live. All the accomplishments we make are because of the collaborative efforts of all of our members. Together we can meet the challenges we collectively and individually face. I do so want to encourage each of you to be of service to our post and to our community. The Love of our God shines through us when we are in service to all those in need. Supporting the activities of the American Legion, the American Legion Auxiliary, the American Legion Sons, and the American Legion Riders not only brings us together in service but provides a visual example of the love we all have “For God and Country.” Together we make a difference in the lives of many, and it is our prayer and goal to continue in that manner. I hope and pray that I will continue to serve as an example of service, and I pray that each of you in your own way will be an example of service as well. 

It is an honor to be of service to the American Legion, Sam Houston Post 95 and to you. If I can assist in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me at 832-381-7788 or at Redwine202010@outlook.com Together in service and unity we serve those who need assistance. May the Blessing of God Be with you All Richard Henriksen Jr., Ph.D. Sam Houston Post 95 Chaplain

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